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Irrigation Systems

The irrigation system consists of a series of components, some innovative, although not necessarily the irrigation system should consist of all of them, since the set of components will depend on whether it is surface irrigation (mainly in its variant of flood irrigation). ), by spray, or by drip. The issue of saving water is much more delicate than it seems, therefore, everything we can do to contribute to a responsible use of this resource, and we must take advantage of it. The most innovative irrigation systems have been fully dedicated to the task and not just to make things easier for us to take care of our crops and plantations.

The ineffective use of water (that is, excessive watering) not only wastes the resource that could be used for other uses and to help avoid environmental impacts, downstream, but also causes deterioration, through saturation, salinization and leaching, and reduces the productivity of crops. The optimization of water use, therefore, should be the main concern of any irrigation system. There are large areas of land under irrigation that have stopped producing due to soil deterioration. It may be convenient and, of course, beneficial to the environment, to invest in the restoration of these lands, rather than to increase the area of ​​low irrigation.