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The Relax Place

There are times when we all need to escape the hustle and bustle of modern living. Creating a relaxing and calming environment right outside your back door will give you a space where you can clear your thoughts and take it easy.

Quiet time in a secluded space is an ideal way to de-stress. Block out the sights and sounds of the surrounding area with hedges, trees, screening, fencing, walls or trellis to create a sense of privacy and isolation. And, if you have the space, use trees or tall plants to block out anything unsightly, or prevent neighbours being able to look into your garden.

Alternatively, create a special place for unwinding such as an arbour (pictured), gazebo or summerhouse. Arbours and gazebos provide some shelter and protection from the sun and a pretty corner for you to sit back and enjoy your garden. While summerhouses offer a spot to sit and work on projects away from the doorbell and telephone, while still making the most of the outdoors.

You can’t beat the ultimate luxury of a hot tub in the garden for relaxing. The warm water and soothing jets make it the perfect place to unwind. Create a sheltered and tranquil spot by adding a hot tub under a gazebo in a quiet corner of the garden, or make it pride of place – you can even sink a hot tub into your decking.

Choose from either a portable spa or an acrylic hot tub. We offer hot tubs with built-in multi-coloured lighting and sound systems to create a calming, ambient mood. And for even more atmosphere, why not add some aromatherapy scent? To surround the hot tub, our range includes spa furniture such as side tables, planters and drinks holders. These are ideal for placing your drink or some candles while you enjoy some peace and quiet.

Not sure which hot tub to get? We’re here to help with our hot tub buying guide, explaining all different types, features and accessories available.

The summer months are the perfect time to wander around your garden barefoot – a relaxing and calming experience that helps connect you to nature and forget the day’s troubles. A lush lawn is obviously the ideal choice, so make sure that yours is well cared for. If itu2019s too damaged, you may need to lay some new turf. Itu2019s not too difficult a project and we have simple step-by-step instructions in our how to guide to help you get started. However, if donu2019t have the time to maintain it, donu2019t discount an artificial lawn – the latest advances ensure that they feel great underfoot and dry quickly after a shower.

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